US, Mexico Offer Rewards For The Shooting of Two ICE Agents

Ever since the shooting of two American immigration agents, both the American and Mexican governments have offered rewards for someone who could give any information that could lead to the arrest of the culprits who did the crime.

The ambush of two unarmed ICE personnel was done in broad daylight while they were on their way to an armored truck from San Luis Potosi to Mexico City. One of the ICE agents, Jaime Zapata, was killed during the attack while the other, Victor Avila, was wounded in the leg.  Officials suspect that this was done by gang members who are involved in drug trafficking since the crackdown on drug and weapon trafficking has intensified over the last few years.

The United States government has offered $ 5 million as a reward while the Mexican government has offered up to 10 million pesos in an effort to bring these criminals to justice. Both countries have also set up hotlines just in case somebody knows the needed information.  The Mexican government has already detained almost 30 suspects, including a Zetas drug cartel money man who was arrested only this month.

One of the weapons used during the shootout has been traced back to a Texan who bought it last year and who was also prosecuted for buying arms illegally.  He has not been prosecuted in relation to this case yet.