The U.S. Citizenship Ceremony

The U.S. Citizenship Ceremony also known as the Naturalization Ceremony is the final step in the process of becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen. Depending on the location events at the ceremony could vary. Traditionally all ceremonies include speaker that highlights the benefits of becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen, a proposal to grant the citizenship, approval of the proposal, and an oath given by a judge. A pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States is also take place at the ceremony.

Each eligible new citizen will be given his or her Certificate of Citizenship. New citizens will receive a packet containing information such as voter registration and an information on obtaining a U.S. passport. Those who are becoming citizens and serving the U.S. Armed Forces are recognized at the ceremony. Depending on the location, family and friends can attend and observe the proceedings from a viewing gallery.

Outside the event area services such as voter registration, photos for passports, as well as a place to apply for a U.S. passport are provided. The application to obtain a U.S. passport will require submission of the newly received Certificate of Citizenship. Making copies of the certificate are prohibited by law.