New efforts to keep young foreign graduates from U.S. universities

A new debate to keep foreign students after graduation from a U.S. university is once again makes headlines.  A recent screening of a new documentary, “Will Work for Words”, premiered at the Virginia Film Festival.  It depicts the difficulties international students face to find a job after graduation.  Film was made by an international student who is following her third degree.  Staying in school is costly but provides a temporary avenue for foreign students to stay in the country.

Some advocates are lobbying law makers to adopt a new visa program for foreign students who are graduating from U.S. universities.  Many other western nations have programs directed at young graduates to stay in those countries after graduation.  They argue that keeping young graduates in the country helps rather than competing with them after they leave the U.S.  The Partnership for a New American Economy calls for a new green card system for young international student graduates from U.S. colleges, those entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in the U.S., and an increase of H1B visas for highly-skilled foreign nationals.  More than 166 American universities are supporting the request and signed a letter accompanying the report.