Journey to your citizenship, the interview

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In your journey to obtain U. S. citizenship, you will be required to have an citizenship test interview with a representative of USCIS.

After submitting your N400, Application for Naturalization, immediately start preparing for your one on one interview. At the interview, you will be asked ten questions, randomly selected from the 100 or so preparation material questions and you are expected to answer correctly for at least six questions. Additionally, you will be asked to write a sentence that the interviewer recites. They both are aimed at testing your knowledge of the U.S. history and your proficiency of the English language.

On the day of the interview, get to your appointment at least 15 minutes before unless your citizenship interview notice says otherwise. Make sure that you have all documentation they asked you to produce at the interview. Instructions what to do when you arrive at the office will be displayed at the location or someone will direct you. Sometimes they may ask you to fill out a form to indicate any changes to your status since your filing of N400, Application for Naturalization. They also ask whether you like to change your name or not.