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Immigration Minister Kenney announces new immigration restrictions for newlyweds

OTTAWA - Some newlyweds who bring a spouse to Canada from abroad now face a new rule that the government says is designed to combat marriage fraud.

Does Mitt Romney Have a Softer Side When It Comes to Immigration ?

Mitt Romney is reaching out to Hispanic voters, promising bipartisan answers that will bring families together and create “permanent solutions” for undocumented youth. He criticizes President Obama for doing nothing to fix the immigration problem. He promises

New S.C. immigration unit keeping lid on arrest details

COLUMBIA A new state immigration unit is working largely in secret, avoiding public oversight and refusing to release information about the work it does.

Bloomberg View: America’s Real Immigration Crisis

The U.S.'s ability to ease quotas on skilled immigrants is bipartisan lunacy

UK Immigration Barristers plans to raise awareness of bogus third party immigration services

Leading UK Immigration service provider, UK Immigration Barristers, calling on consumers to be aware of services exploiting vulnerable people looking to immigrate to the UK.(PRWEB UK) 25 October 2012 With the number of people falling victim to

Poll: Immigration enforcement divide

A survey finds sharp disagreement along party lines over who should take the lead.