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Arizona Governor promotes immigration law in new book

Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer in her new book on the controversial immigration law defends the law describing it as fair, effective and a necessary response to Washington turning a blind eye on border security. The book

Here comes SB 1070

By now everyone know what’s going on in Arizona. SB 1070 has not only cause Arizona to be in the limelight at home but it has caused the state to be a talking point all over the

Defending Arizona

The controversial Arizona law is under attack from the federal government. However, there are many who want to see it enacted and they are doing everything they can. With some foresight Arizona’s Governor, Jan Brewer set up

Born in the USA – But not a Citizen

Fresh in the wake of the controversial Arizona law is new law that could cause even more issues for illegal immigrants. Legislation has been introduced in Congress, which is supported by two states, that aims to deny

Arizona’s Anti Immigration Bill

On April 23, 2010, the Governor of Arizona passed the highly controversial bill known as the Senate Bill 1070, while also being described as the “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act”. While most Arizonians support

Arizona’s Anti Immigration Bill – Colorado to Follow?

Although Colorado has been considering a crackdown on anti illegal immigration activity for some time now but has been deterred by its costs so far, the recent Arizona Anti immigration bill passed by Governor Jan Brewer has

Shakira against Arizona’s Anti Illegal Immigration Bill

With a country divided over the Arizona toughest ever Anti illegal Immigration bill that just reminds one of the late George Carlin’s remarks of the United States going through a situation where people are willing to trade