Your New York Workers Compensation Lawyer and You

You are working diligently in the factory, transporting boxes back and forth between warehouses, pushing buttons, switching levers. Things are going swell. Above you, the frame of a machine begins making a deep, low, rumbling sound. The sound gets louder and louder until, CRASH, the frame falls apart. You try to duck out of the way as quickly as you can, only right as you are about to make your leap to cover, a piece of the frame falls and impales your right foot. You call your New York workers compensation lawyer, and needless to say, it is looking like you have a pretty solid case on your hands.

For residents of NYS, workers compensation is not something that should be seen as an out to be exploited in the event of a minor scrape, but if something serious happens, like getting your foot impaled by the frame of a machine, then you are entitled to fight for appropriate compensation from your employer for the accident.  It is an inevitability that unfortunate things happen, but when there is no particular individual who blame can be ascribed to, it can be more than frustrating.  When it comes to workers compensation, New York takes things very seriously. In hiring you, a company becomes responsible for any accidents that might happen as a direct result of being on the job. While no one person made the machine frame break, it was company property, and the accident happened on the clock. In events like these, the company is responsible for providing proper compensation for tragedies like this.