Tips For a Freelance Writer so They Won’t Need a Tax Lawyer San Diego

Are you a freelance writer and are you worried about needing a tax lawyer San Diego come tax time? It can be confusing knowing what you can deduct on your taxes. Well here is some information about categorizing expenses that you can use so that you are less likely to need one.

Categorize Expenses – There are some expenses that you don’t know about that you can claim when it comes to tax time.  One of them is the fees that you get from PayPal that are deducted from the payments that are received from clients.  Another thing is office supplies and some charges from your cell phone.  There are some less obvious ones that you may not know about.   Mileage expenses if you’re driving to networking meetings and travel expenses for trips you have taken for your writing business. Of course, how much of the expenses that you can deduct is going to be somewhat dicey. It’s not a good idea to try and deduct everything, since that can look kind of suspicious. But if you don’t try and claim everything you can use it to lower the amount that you have to pay on your taxes.

Remember that you have to make sure that you are making things look legitimate. Make sure that you keep receipts.


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