The United States to accept Syrian refugees

Syrian crisis started almost three years ago resulted in millions fleeing the country and neighboring countries Jorden, Lebanon and Turkey are burden with caring for them. At the last count more than 3.8 million Syrians fled the country. Now it is the largest humanitarian disaster in the world. Starting in 2015, the United States will start accepting Syrian refugees and Louisville, Kentucky will be one of the first places to see them in the country. A larger U.S. resettlement program expects to bring more than 10,000 Syrian refuges over the next few years according to the U.S. State Department.

So far the U.S. has accepted few Syrian refugees and that created a criticism for slow response to the humanitarian crisis. The U.S. resettled 36 Syrian refugees in 2013 and that number grew to 323 in 2014. This number expected to rise to over 1,000 in 2015 and quickly rise after that. The United Nations is asking countries to take more than 100,000 refugees by 2016 and the U.S. is sure to play a major role. Once the refugees are inside the country private resettlement agencies will take over them. Those who are already in the U.S. are resettled in California, Illinois, and Texas.