The plight of illegal immigrants

Around 70,000 people from other nations flock to the United States each day mostly as tourists. Out of that number, above 60,000 enter the country as tourists, entrepreneurs, college students or overseas workers that are given legal access across US borders. Of the remaining number of people entering the country, which is around 2,200, mostly are immigrants seeking refuge in the country along with proper invitations to reside permanently inside America. Not to be left out are the 5,000 mostly of whom are illegal entries without authentic travel documents to show border officials.

Of that big number, around 4,000 will be unsuccessful in their attempt to reside illegally in the country, being arrested by border officials shortly after passing the border. Around a thousand of them will be able to get pass officials hunting for illegal aliens and thus can either choose to stay in the country or go home to Mexico. Meanwhile, there are those who will choose to remain in the country illegally despite the expiration of the entry visas, while others are able to elude detection by carrying falsified visas.

Government points to the continued hiring of illegal immigrants as fueling the occurrence of unauthorized aliens in the country. This remains the highest incentives for outsiders to attempt trespassing the border and seeking employment in the U.S. The Mexican government is quite indifferent to the situation, quoting remittances from illegal workers in the U.S. as one of the country’s biggest sources of foreign income, surpassing that of oil, foreign investment and even energy.