The impact of immigration on US population

2010 American Community Survey estimates that closer to 40 million immigrants live in the US.

The data reveals that majority of the immigrants (legal and illegal) are from Mexico, China, India, Philippines, Vietnam, El Salvador, Cuba and South Korea. Immigrants with a Mexican origin account for closer to 12 million and South Korea accounts for approximately one million. Other countries listed above fall in between and many other countries contribute substantial numbers.

The Census Bureau estimate that the US population will grow to 397 million in 2050 with immigration. If discounted for immigration the US population for 2050 is estimated to be 328 million.

The states that will bear the major burden of immigration include border states such as California, Arizona and Texas and the sun shine state of Florida. However, due to current political environment of various parts of the country, some states such as North Carolina, Nevada, Georgia and Arkansas are seeing massive increase of immigrant population.

No matter what, the immigrant population will impact the social fabric of the US. In coming months and years economic and social issues, politics and crime issues will definitely will go beyond the casual water cooler discussion.