The Duties of a Tax Attorney California

Are you looking for a tax attorney lawyer or irs audit attorney lawyer to handle your case? Tax attorney lawyer serve a lot of purposes, and there’s the chance that they can handle your case, as well. There are a number of duties that they have, and we’ll lay them out for you.

One of the biggest duties of Tax attorney lawyer is to keep their clients compliant with the state and federal tax laws, which should be done if a person wants to keep from dealing with fines, penalties, and even criminal prosecution. They’ll also do work for people’s property, estate, and any gift taxes. In short, they handle just about every facet of tax law, including those people who have to settle their back taxes.

And while these are some of the major duties for a tax lawyer, they also act as a middleman between you and the government. They facilitate a compromise between clients who already may be in trouble with the IRS, reaching a plan that would be agreeable by both parties. 

Of course, these aren’t the only things that Tax attorney lawyer or irs audit attorney lawyer are responsible of doing, though many would state that this is pretty much the scope of their operation. If you’re interested in hearing a bit more about the services that these attorneys provide, be sure to give a call to Law Offices Of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C. Trusting a known authority in tax law will bring about the solutions that you need.