Tax Lawyers: San Francisco

Having your home or business audited by the IRS is a scary concept to say the least. Having a government agency breathing down your neck and looking at every financial record in your possession is so stressful since errors occur; even if they are accidental. Therefore, having a tax lawyer attorney on your side that is experienced in dealing with the IRS and their agents is the best way to prepare for a serious and time consuming audit. Additionally, these tax lawyers can be useful when debit via unpaid taxes is an issue as well.

Also, when a settlement needs to be reached over a tax dispute because of debt, late bills, or other problems, having a tax settlement attorney on your side is a great option to have. Since these attorneys are experienced in these dealings and know what tactics and threats the IRS likes to employ, they can help you get through the intimidation process and draw up a plan that allows you to pay much less than you originally owed. Often, the attorneys and employees of these tax firms were previously IRS agents!

In the Bay Area, finding a great tax lawyer can be a difficult process. However, once you find a great tax lawyer San Francisco, stick with him and you should be able to fight and survive any ploy the IRS throws at you. Just be sure to stay calm, follow the attorney’s advice, and be honest with your finances, and you should be fine in no time at all.