Should Medical Pot Be Legal?

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It has been shown to ease nausea and stimulate appetite for cancer patients, it relives chronic pain associated with multiple sclerosis, and helps epileptic patients experience fewer seizures, and yet medical marijuana is illegal in many countries. To date, 16 states in the U.S. and the District of Columbia allow their residents to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Despite the growing movement to legalize pot, there are many who argue it should not be allowed, not even for medicinal purposes.

Opponents of legalizing pot say that marijuana is a gateway drug that leads to serious drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Some have moral issues with the drug, while others say that legalizing it might make it easier for children and teens to get their hands on it. Some critics of legalizing the drug argue that it will also increase stoned driving and drug-related arrests.

However, advocates of legalizing marijuana believe it is not as dangerous as alcohol or tobacco when used in moderation. But perhaps the major reason advocates want it legalized is for the sick. Medicinal marijuana has been proven to help people who are terminally ill or with debilitating diseases. When it comes to the benefit of society, advocates of legalizing pot say it will shut down drug dealers and the illegal market. To learn more about marijuana or the hot debate, please visit