Should children crossing illegally get refugee status?

An Associated Press poll taken recently shows that more than 53 percent of Americans believe that children crossing the southern border illegally should not be offered refugee status. Quite contrary to that another poll, PRRI poll, shows more than 69 percent of Americans do favor treating children as refugees. The responders are more aligned with party lines, Democrats and Republicans. Border States such as Texas where most of the illegal children crossings are taking place, oppose strongly to granting refugee status. On the other hand, Latinos are overwhelmingly supports granting refugee status. Opinions vary across demographic spectrum.

To qualify for refugee status, one need to prove that him or her face persecution in their home country based on race, religion, nationality, membership in social group or political opinion. They are also to be outside of their home country and unable or unwilling to return to the home country due to fear of persecution based on stated grounds above. One other criterion that may help refugee status claim for children crossing the border illegally is the protection that they seek from the United States. The Refugee Convention of 1951 stipulates these and other conditions under which they can claim refugee status in the United States.