Shakira against Arizona’s Anti Illegal Immigration Bill

With a country divided over the Arizona toughest ever Anti illegal Immigration bill that just reminds one of the late George Carlin’s remarks of the United States going through a situation where people are willing to trade away more of their God-given freedoms for the illusion of safety.

In the case of the recent legislation passed by the state of Arizona, a police officer can legally ask a citizen for immigration or citizenship papers, if suspected to be otherwise.

Since this is a Republican bill, the Democrats and Hispanics are infuriated for obvious reasons, and oppose this law that could result on civil right violations if not handled correctly while it targets the influx of Mexicans across the border as well as seeks to eliminate the one and a half million illegal immigrants in the state, one person at a time.

This authority granted to the police screams ‘racial profiling’ and for most critics is a complete waste of time that will turn out to be a complete failure because of the obvious lack of manpower in the ranks of the police.
Shakira, a native from Columbia and now a popular singer with her latest hit ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ will meet with Mayor Phil Gordon who is openly against the law while being accompanied by the only Hispanic leader in City Council, Vice Mayor Michael Nowakowski in protest of the law that is toted by many to be unconstitutional by nature.

What lies in store for the illegal immigrants in the state of Arizona is anyone’s guess, but the on that is for sure is the pressure on Obama to revamp his immigration policy has just begun with a string of weekend protesters all across the United States.