Proposal to amend special US Immigrants Juvenile regulations

The Unites States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are asking for public opinion on a proposal to amend the Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) regulations.

The existing laws permits the USCIS to issue SIJ status to children living in the US and are declared dependents of a juvenile court in the US or legally committed to or placed in the custody of an agency or department in the state the child is residing in. upon being granted SIJ status the child immediately becomes eligible to apply for permanent residency in the US.

The US CIS seeks the make amendments to permit SIJ status to be granted to children who cannot be reunited with one or both parents due to abuse, neglect or abandonment and similar situations provided in the US immigration laws.

The amendments will allow SJP status to be granted to persons who turn 21 years while the petition is still pending. The petitioner should have a valid juvenile court order that is in effect at the time of filing, this will exempt the existing requirement for individuals without a court order at the time of adjudication because the petitioner’s age prevents continued dependency.

Public comments will be accepted until November 7 2011.