Obtaining a Refugee Travel Document

Refugees and asylees who have been granted permanent residency by the US government should obtain a Refugee Travel Document before leaving the country. If not they are risking the refusal of reentry to the US. However, having a Travel Document doesn’t guarantee reentry to the country either. You will be subject to further investigation and scrutiny at the port of entry.

To be eligible for a Refugee Travel Document you must possess valid refugee or asylee status and should have become a permanent resident through the process. If you already own a travel document or there are travel restrictions for the area you intend to visit, no travel will be allowed.

A Refugee Travel Document will be valid for one year and there will be no extensions. In order to obtain a Refugee Travel Document, properly completed Form I-131 along with the fees, two identical photographs, a copy of official identity document showing your personal data and a copy of refugee status shall be submitted. Where to submit documents are based on where you live and visit USCIS Web site to get the address for the USCIS lockbox office location. Biometric services are required and wait for your notification to arrive in the US mail.