Lawsuit filed against Georgia immigration law

Opponents of the new Georgia anti immigration law have asked a federal judge to put it on hold until the pending lawsuit filed last week is resolved, they claim that this injunction is “urgently needed to prevent this unconstitutional law from causing irreparable injury to plaintiffs and similarly situated individuals”

The lawsuit was filed challenging the constitutionality of the law saying that it violates the federal government’s power over immigration and policy. It was filed by groups such as the ACLU and the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights.

The new law, which will come in to effect from July1 authorizes police to investigate the immigration status of suspects and take illegal immigrants to jail.

Supporters of the law say that this law will stop illegal immigration and bring relief to overburdened schools, hospitals and jails.

There is growing concern among business owners and farmers who face the threat of labor shortages because of this law. Growers are particularly worried as this is fruit picking season and will be adversely affected by any labor shortages. Governor Deal says any shortage will be filled by the unemployed but experts say the natives will not go for these jobs.