How Do You Know If An IRS Audit Attorney Is Right For You

Trying to decide if an IRS audit attorney is right for you is not an easy task to say the least.  Many federal taxpayers receive audits and other notices from the Internal Revenue Service.  The problem though is that many federal taxpayers do not know their rights in terms of what they are entitled to when dealing with these notices.  Is a full-blown audit attorney right for you though or can you deal with it on your own?


When you file a federal tax return, the Internal Revenue Service can audit you for up to three years after you have filed the tax return with them.  When you are looking for an IRS audit attorney, you need to know if the attorney has the experience necessary to deal with your particular problem.  Paying a consultation fee to explain where you stand with the Internal Revenue Service can help you determine if the attorney is someone who can truly help you, or if it is nothing more than a waste of time.


Probate attorneys as well as will lawyers and audit lawyers have some of the toughest jobs in the entire industry.  They have to keep up with current tax laws and regulations.  Some of the best lawyers in these fields though are known to come from the Law Offices of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C.  If you are having trouble with the Internal Revenue Service, you may want to reach out to them first and see if they can help you.  Be sure to follow the steps above though to see if they can meet your needs before you sign on as a client.