Finding A Tax Lawyer IRS Auditors Are Afraid Of

When you are facing an audit from the Internal Revenue Service, it may be time to be sure that you have in your corner a tax lawyer IRS auditors are afraid of.  This is no easy task but when you consider the power that the Internal Revenue Service has, you really need to be aware of all of the applicable laws and what you could be hit with in the event that the Internal Revenue Service comes after you.

The IRS conducts audits of federal tax returns pretty frequently each and every year.  This is done on tax returns that have been filed anywhere in the past three years, meaning that your 2009 federal tax return could still face an audit if the IRS decided to take a closer look at it.

When these audits are done the IRS can at times come up with things that are just not accurate.  They may come after you for taxes that you are not even liable to have to pay.  This is when it is very important that you have a tax lawyer in your corner that you can rely on and trust completely so that you can rest easy knowing you have an expert on your side.

Finding a good IRS lawyer can take some solid effort.  Starting with some of the more respected professional expert offices such as the Law Offices of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C. is a solid starting pointing though.  A tax lawyer San Jose residents can trust may be right around the corner if you know who to ask and reach out to.