Dental Malpractice Explained

No one likes going to the dentist, but sometimes a regular trip can take a turn for the worse. If you were injured during your visit or were injured later due to a misdiagnosis or lack thereof on the part of the dentist, you may be a victim of dental malpractice.

A dental malpractice case can be the result of a wide variety of issues. For example, a dental implant nerve injury is something you’d probably notice right away. However, if you find out down the line that your dental health was suffering due to a disease and your dentist didn’t catch it when you were under their case, that’s something that could, potentially, also count. Even though you may not have been aware of it right away like with the dental implant injury, it could still be a case of malpractice.

If you think you may be the victim of dental malpractice, you need to seek out a lawyer as soon as possible. But not all lawyers are the same. While any of them may represent you in your lawsuit, the ones who do best will be those with experience specific to malpractice cases. Those who understand dental malpractice will be even better.

If you’re unsure whether or not you’re suffering because of a dentist’s irresponsibility, seek out a second opinion from another healthcare professional or simply consult a lawyer. It’s important you act quick, however, in order to receive the remuneration you deserve.


Blog submitted by Dane Levy Attorney of, a provider of legal services for those injured by dental malpractice in California.