Defending Arizona

The controversial Arizona law is under attack from the federal government. However, there are many who want to see it enacted and they are doing everything they can. With some foresight Arizona’s Governor, Jan Brewer set up a fund last month to help defend the new law. As of today, that fund has accumulated over $500,000 in donations.

More than 9,000 people have contributed towards the fund, but surprisingly most of the contributions did not come from within Arizona. In fact, almost 7,000 contributions have come in from out of state. This could be a reflection of the mood of the people within the state as well. The law has long been viewed as controversial and affecting people’s human rights.

According to the new law, police can stop and question anyone on the immigrant status in the country. If the person being questioned cannot produce any identification that can prove their legality, an arrest can be made. Police also do not have to have a valid reason to question people; suspicion based on looks or behavior is enough to warrant questioning. This has led to accusations that racial profiling could enter law enforcement in a big way and thus cause lots of discriminatory behavior.

It is perhaps this very reason that has made the people of Arizona wary of supporting Brewer’s fund. However, you can expect this trend to change as the proponents of the law as well as the Republicans step up their campaign to fight the lawsuit in court and outside the court.