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Illinois democratic senator Richard Durbin reintroduced the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act or the DREAM Act to the senate on May 11. This bill seeks to legalize persons who arrived to America illegally as

First Steps to Fixing The Crisis in United States Immigration Courts

If there was anything that was revealed from the case of a Cameroon mother who wanted to seek asylum in the United States and for her children as well, it was the fact that immigration court system

US, Mexico Offer Rewards For The Shooting of Two ICE Agents

Ever since the shooting of two American immigration agents, both the American and Mexican governments have offered rewards for someone who could give any information that could lead to the arrest of the culprits who did the

A Note on Immigration Reform

There’s no doubt that the topic of immigration evokes strong emotions in the American people. With recent developments taken by certain states, and more following suit, it looks like Obama has his work cut out for him


The topic of immigration is at the forefront of many different arenas in European culture. The political arena is finding itself ingrained in the issue. Citizens of various countries are voicing alarm at the number of immigrants

DREAM Act may help ease immigrant woes

Immigrants in the United States are still facing improper treatment, despite the DREAM Act now sitting in the halls of the US Congress. Deportation rates have risen to an all time high of 1,200 percent for the

The plight of illegal immigrants

Around 70,000 people from other nations flock to the United States each day mostly as tourists. Out of that number, above 60,000 enter the country as tourists, entrepreneurs, college students or overseas workers that are given legal

Federal judges consider constitutionality of Arizona immigration law

A panel of three federal judges will consider the constitution of Arizona Law SB 1070. SB 1070 was the measure passed that let police question someone’s immigration status when an officer pulled someone over on a different

Immigration Reform – The DREAM Act of 2010

Immigration Law Reform has been one of the most important topics that have been left unresolved due to the ongoing debate that only seems to go around in circles or take an extreme approach like the Arizona-style

A United States Passport: More than Mere Identification

What does having a passport mean? For starters, having a United States passport means your individual identity has been certified, and that you are a United States citizen. A passport is an official document issued only by