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Refugees of Mexican drug war are increasing in number

According to a recent newspaper article, the U.S. border crossings at the Southwest, especially in San Diego, California asylum seekers due to the drug war in Mexico has seen a recent increase. The U.S. authorities are not

U.S. law as it relates to refugees

The U.S. law of right of asylum has been shaped by the international and Federal law. Refugees take up about one-tenth of the total immigration to the U.S. and more than two million refugees arrived in the

What to do with your family who live outside after you become a U.S. citizen

One question for those who become U.S. citizen recently is how to bring parents and family who lives outside the U.S. When you become a U.S. citizen, your parents become your “immediate family” according to the law

Two forms of asylum: Affirmative and Defensive asylum

There are two paths to asylum status in the U.S.; Affirmative asylum and defensive asylum process. The affirmative asylum process applies to those who arrived at a point of entry into the U.S. or are already in

Asylum Vs. refugee, which is it?

Edward Snowden, who worked for a U.S. government contractor fleeing to Hong Kong with enormous amount of spy data, release some damaging data and subsequently fleeing to Moscow, Russia and applying for asylum in several South American

Everything you need to know about H4 visa

H4 visa is issued to dependent spouses and children under the age 21 who are accompanying a legal H1 working visa holder.  H4 visa can be obtained at the U.S. Consulate at the home country of the

Facts about J-1 non-immigrant exchange visa

The non-immigrant Exchange Visitor visa is commonly known as “J-1” or “Exchange” visa.  They are issued to individuals who participate in work- and study-based exchange programs.  It promotes cultural as well as medical or business training in

New efforts to keep young foreign graduates from U.S. universities

A new debate to keep foreign students after graduation from a U.S. university is once again makes headlines.  A recent screening of a new documentary, “Will Work for Words”, premiered at the Virginia Film Festival.  It depicts

Immigration of highly skilled persons

The U.S. Presidential election is fast approaching.  However, during the Presidential debates between President Barack Obama and the challenger Mitt Romney, the subject of immigration took only mentions not worthy of any headlines. One type of immigration,

The EB-5 Visa Program

The EB-5 program allows foreign investors to obtain a green card if they invest in a new commercial enterprise that creates ten jobs in the U.S. The number of visas is limited to 10,000 per each year.