Can a refugee travel without a passport?

The United States government revoked the passport of fugitive Edward Snowden when he travelled from Hong Kong to Moscow, Russia on June 23, 2014. For him to travel to any other destination, now he needs a passport. This is a typical scenario for many refugees. Can someone travel without a passport?

Passport is necessary for international travel. But millions of refugees those who are subject to political persecution and flee countries for fear of their life travel without passports. One way a refugee can travel is with a “special refugee travel document.” Some cross borders with other forms of identifications. In the United States, the government at times issue I-94 documents for refugees to travel. When a person is visiting another country and lose their passports, the consulate in that country can issue travel documents for the affected party. In certain cases some countries have accepted national identity cards for travel. It appears that it is up to the receiving country to decide what form of identification or travel documents they need for travel. For examples more than 60,000 refugees that show up at the U.S. border, some do not carry passports or other travel documents. They get I-94 document at the time of border crossing.