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Tax Lawyers: San Francisco

Having your home or business audited by the IRS is a scary concept to say the least. Having a government agency breathing down your neck and looking at every financial record in your possession is so stressful

US Immigration Lawyers & The Acquisition Of Green Cards

Seeking to move to the United States can be a daunting task even for the most ‘US acquainted’ foreigner. A firm of qualified US immigration lawyers experienced in the acquisition of green cards can certainly make this

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Good Tax Lawyer Los Angeles

While it’s apparent that hiring a tax lawyer is one of the best things you can do for your business or if you are an independent consultant, getting your finances in order is certainly a priority. In

What a Tax Settlement Attorney Can Do For You

With a growing number of cases of tax fraud in the United States, you can be sure that people who have to pay back taxes will find themselves in need of a San Diego tax lawyer who

First Steps to Fixing The Crisis in United States Immigration Courts

If there was anything that was revealed from the case of a Cameroon mother who wanted to seek asylum in the United States and for her children as well, it was the fact that immigration court system

US, Mexico Offer Rewards For The Shooting of Two ICE Agents

Ever since the shooting of two American immigration agents, both the American and Mexican governments have offered rewards for someone who could give any information that could lead to the arrest of the culprits who did the

Status: immigration bills slowly moving through Legislature

As the legislative session winds down to the final two and half weeks, only one immigration bill has passed either body of the state Legislature -- Rep. Stephen Sandstrom's immigration enforcement bil

Prov. stops digital immigration checks

Providence Police are no longer electronically checking the immigration status of individuals in their custody, the Target 12 Investigators have learned.

A Note on Immigration Reform

There’s no doubt that the topic of immigration evokes strong emotions in the American people. With recent developments taken by certain states, and more following suit, it looks like Obama has his work cut out for him

Immigration Reform: A Key Retirement Issue

Surging demand for caregivers will bring labor shortages if supply of immigrant workers is squeezed.