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New S.C. immigration unit keeping lid on arrest details

COLUMBIA A new state immigration unit is working largely in secret, avoiding public oversight and refusing to release information about the work it does.

Mesothelioma Treatment, Getting The Care You Desperately Need

If you are someone who is currently receiving mesothelioma treatment, you know just how important getting the proper care can be.  The first step to successfully fight this disease is to be sure that you know all

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Should Medical Pot Be Legal?

Article Submitted by LA Dispensaries It has been shown to ease nausea and stimulate appetite for cancer patients, it relives chronic pain associated with multiple sclerosis, and helps epileptic patients experience fewer seizures, and yet medical marijuana

Report: US immigration detention system flawed

NEWARK, N.J. – New Jersey's immigration detention center is representative of the entire, deeply flawed system and offers proof that federal reforms are falling short, immigration advocates said Friday at a conference on the issue.

Obtaining a US Green Card Through Family

The opportunity to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis is a dream come true for many foreigners. However, living and working in the US doesn’t come easy. The coveted American dream is

Having IRS Debt Problems?

If there’s anything that people fear, it is to be dealing with legal complexities of having IRS debt problems. Perhaps you haven’t committed fraud but are in a bad place financially, and this means that if you

Status: immigration bills slowly moving through Legislature

As the legislative session winds down to the final two and half weeks, only one immigration bill has passed either body of the state Legislature -- Rep. Stephen Sandstrom's immigration enforcement bil

Immigration Reform: A Key Retirement Issue

Surging demand for caregivers will bring labor shortages if supply of immigrant workers is squeezed.

Immigration reform should fail in Ind. senate

Senators should vote against the immigration reform policies being considered in the Indiana State legislature that would effectively legalize racial profiling.