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The Offshore Tax Dilemma

Recent efforts of the IRS to increase tax collections has led to a reinforced breakdown on individuals and entities that are using international entities as off-shore tax shelters – who ultimately use these off-shore entities astax deductible

U.S. Tax Law Now Applies to Homosexual Spouses

An IRS tax lawyer can now help homosexual  couples who married after the supreme court ruling on DOMA on June 27th this past year. The laws and their application for taxes have changed dramatically in the last

A Big Family Affair

We’re a huge family. I guess a lot of people think it’s a lot of fun, and while I’m not taking away from that, I guess most don’t really get the bigger picture. Sure, having big bi-weekly

How To Resolve Your DUI Case

In the United States, several cases of DUI have been charged every year. For people who have been arrested for DUI, they need to act quickly and find a good DUI lawyer. Palm Beach County has a

How A Tax Relief Attorney Can Help You Fight An IRS Audit

Finding a tax relief attorney can help you when you get that dreaded IRS audit letter in the mail.  Finding the right tax attorney will require research and checking references, but in the end the benefits are

Find the Best San Francisco Tax Attorney

With tax season fast approaching it’s important to make sure that you have all the resources available to you possible to make the most of your tax returns. This is especially important if you are dealing with

New S.C. immigration unit keeping lid on arrest details

COLUMBIA A new state immigration unit is working largely in secret, avoiding public oversight and refusing to release information about the work it does.

Mesothelioma Treatment, Getting The Care You Desperately Need

If you are someone who is currently receiving mesothelioma treatment, you know just how important getting the proper care can be.  The first step to successfully fight this disease is to be sure that you know all

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Should Medical Pot Be Legal?

Article Submitted by LA Dispensaries It has been shown to ease nausea and stimulate appetite for cancer patients, it relives chronic pain associated with multiple sclerosis, and helps epileptic patients experience fewer seizures, and yet medical marijuana