Arizona’s Anti Immigration Bill – Colorado to Follow?

Although Colorado has been considering a crackdown on anti illegal immigration activity for some time now but has been deterred by its costs so far, the recent Arizona Anti immigration bill passed by Governor Jan Brewer has encouraged its gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis to make immigration laws in Colorado just as tough if he is elected Governor of the State.

With Democrats and Obama in particular, forging a victory in what can only be a historic event in the United States with the passing of the ‘universal health care’ Bill, this anti illegal immigration law passed in the state of Arizona once again calls the federal government to make good on its promise in overhauling of immigration policy.

Scott McInnis has openly stated that the federal government has been unable to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, and thus, it now lies in the hands of the state government to pass stringent laws that will treat the illegal as being illegal.

With the passing of the Senate Bill 1070 into law, one can immediately be detained into police custody if found without the appropriate visa while in the state. With immigration activists and their bipartisan counterparts in uproar over the legislation that is passed, one can understand the trepidation that Hispanics are going through, as this can lead to racial profiling and the violation of one’s civil rights even if one does have all the required documentation.

Will the federal government follow suit? Will Colorado nominate Scott McInnis and thus, pass another version of this bill?
Only time will tell.