A United States Passport: More than Mere Identification

What does having a passport mean? For starters, having a United States passport means your individual identity has been certified, and that you are a United States citizen. A passport is an official document issued only by the government, in this case, the State Department.

What do you require a passport for? Your United States passport is your major requirement for entering almost any foreign country. This is because it is recognized as an official and international travel document which permits an individual to leave the United States for travel to foreign nations, and to allow him or her to return to the US.

In January 2007, a law was declared that compelled all US citizens to own an official travel document and have it ready when traveling between the US and Canada, Central and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda and other international countries. An official US passport was considered valid, and so were a US passport card, a US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card or an AIR Nexus card.

Getting a passport in the US can be challenging, and it is absolutely important to follow all instructions stated in the US passport information that is in the application and renewal guide. This guide helps US citizens with the requirements and procedure, so that they do not have to hire the services of a third party immigration, passport and visa support center.

If you would like to apply for the passport, you should also consider getting a US Passport card. You can only do both if you are a US citizen.