A Note on Immigration Reform

There’s no doubt that the topic of immigration evokes strong emotions in the American people. With recent developments taken by certain states, and more following suit, it looks like Obama has his work cut out for him ever since he took office in the year of 2009 as President of the United States.

Of course, since he has had to take care of health care reform as well, the entire plan around sorting this complex matter of dealing with 12 million illegal immigrants has taken a backseat. And with the American people divided on whether they should be given citizenship or should be sent back to their homeland, there’s one thing that they do agree on, immigration reform is important enough to be dealt with immediately.

And of course, this is directly related to the Latinos who have made their way across the border from Mexico. Since most of them come to the United States and work illegally, in allowing them to stay back and keep their jobs, this would end up as a $ 1.5 trillion dollar boost for the U.S economy as most of these workers do not pay their taxes to the government. In giving them citizenship, not only will they be paid higher wages but the United States government will receive taxes of the same amount as mentioned earlier but this practice of dishonest employers will come to an end.

Even several people are against doing this, and are taking steps that can only be considered as ‘racial profiling’, one can only surmise that deporting these immigrants will not only cost the government much more (and affect taxpayers to do so) but it won’t be a realistic task to do this either.