A Compelling Reason For a Comprehensive Immigration Bill

The EB-5 visa program is intended to give green cards to families that invest $1 million in a US business venture that provide minimum 10 full-time jobs within two years or invest $500,000 in a venture located in a targeted employment area. The targeted employment areas are places where unemployment is 150 percent of national average or specified rural areas. In return the family of the foreign investor can get a green card to come and stay in the US. The government has allocated 10,000 visas per year under the program.

The biggest problem with the program is the dollar value is based on 1990 and no adjustments have been made to accommodate inflation and other economic factors. Another big issue with the program is many who took advantage of the program joined multimillion dollar projects with the minimum investment of $500,000 and claimed all employment created by the total investment and project as their own. In addition, many claim that the program is badly managed and it takes more than 20 months to process an application under the EB-5 program. This is why the US badly needs a comprehensive immigration reform through a bill approved by the Congress.