A Big Family Affair

We’re a huge family. I guess a lot of people think it’s a lot of fun, and while I’m not taking away from that, I guess most don’t really get the bigger picture. Sure, having big bi-weekly Sunday brunches at our grandparents’ estate, playing ball with my cousins (we actually have five family basketball teams), or even the incredible network of our family connections are nice to have; but a lot don’t see past that, we also have familial problems of the same magnitude.

We quarrel about a lot of things. My dad and my aunts and uncles are usually in an issue that has been blown way out of proportion – and me the cousins are paying for this. I don’t get to see them as often, and sometimes, some cousins are even prevented by their parents to go out with the rest of us. I guess having a lot of personalities has led to some clashing, and that’s inevitable. Sometimes, I find myself thinking, what if they fight about something bigger? Will there be falling out?

My grandparents’ estate for example, I’m sure they’ve gotten their probate lawyers and have some will lawyers to help them out with their future plans, but I’m actually a bit more concerned if they’ll be able to prevent my dad’s siblings from besting each other out. I don’t know, and probably no one will, but I guess it’s a start.

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